Education Media and What it Means for Wales

Dr Philip Dixon in his excellent recent book 'Testing Times' makes the point about the scarcity of national media focus on education in Wales. It is true. The media and external commentators including researchers in think tanks and universities play an essential role in examining what is happening in education, sharing areas which are worth sharing and exposing things that are not, despite what might be presented, going very well. Providing fair and balanced, but crucially honest, views about what is happening in education, is essential in an open and democratic system and vital to improving the quality of the work we all do on behalf of children and young people.

Yet, the education media, in common with much traditional journalism nowadays, has had less and less investment in Wales. Our system is now so divergent from that of England that the education media is now less relevant to us.

So, we must try our best to develop the new social media outlets to share news, progress, reflections and areas where we are learning from things that could have been done better.

So, before I knew I was leaving Central South Consortium, we established a blog. I will be writing for it before the end of March and would invite as many colleagues, teachers, parents, pupils, headteachers, governors as possible to contribute to, at length or in bite size chunks, and welcome all views - as long as they are understood to be just that - personal views, not the views of the Central South consortium! Please see the blog here and please do let Sian ( know if you'd like to contribute.

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