Seven Kings School – Central South Wales Challenge Strategy Group Study Visit

Eight Senior Leaders from across the region joined the Consortium on a study visit to Seven Kings School in Essex. Both phases were represented in this focus on an ‘all through’ school. As a newly appointed Headteacher of an ‘all though’ school I had a long list of questions! Although I found the answer to those, we also found so much more.

The visit was both exhilarating and rejuvenating. We met some extraordinary leaders who did not allow themselves to be distracted by the pressures of the ‘system’ and a rapidly diminishing budget. At all times throughout our visit, the focus remained on developing relationships and the skills of both students and colleagues. That common purpose never wavered and was wholly believable.

Seven Kings School had one of the most comprehensive and gelled together programme for professional development that I have either seen or read about. They evidenced the importance of getting the basics right and doing everything extremely well rather than a constant endeavour to break new ground. As a result, their programme was by it’s very success, innovative.

Distributed Leadership was extensive, genuine and quality assured. This focus on quality and a shared responsibility extended across the Teaching Alliance with great success and allowed for a sense of common purpose.

I am sure that my colleagues on the visit will also have returned to their own schools and be pondering the creative use of planning, preparation and assessment (PPA), an expectation that staff will talk to pupils, setting arrangements, department reviews, marking policies, ERIC, cradle to grave CPD, Centurions . . . We heard and saw a lot.

An excellent study visit – time very well spent. Thank you.

Central South Consortium Comment: Details of further study visits will be available in our bulletins and we are developing a scheme to support study visits within the UK led by schools in CSC. More details to follow.

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