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There has never been a more exciting time to teach! This is said sincerely. Teachers are functioning in a time of high change, fast pace and huge possibility.

The national agenda of creating a practitioner led curriculum is a significant shift; and whilst it might not be the easiest way to generate a new curriculum it is certainly one that recognises that it is teachers working in Wales who have the knowledge and skills to create a curriculum that provides our learners with the best possible outcomes.

In Central South the potential of schools to work together to improve has already been recognised. A self improving school system, which is at the heart of the Central South Wales Challenge (CSWC), supports that practitioners and leaders working in school are able to provide system leadership and work outside of their own school.

Through the CSWC schools work together to drive school improvement. Through School Improvement Groups (SIGs), Pathfinder Partnerships, Hubs and Peer Enquiry schools are having a measurable impact on pupil outcomes. The most exciting aspect of this work is that schools across the region aren’t simply building their own capacity; they are supporting development in other schools. Case studies of some of this work can be found here. If you are keen to share work taking part in your school please contact us.

It is worth bearing in mind at this point that the CSWC is still in relative infancy; this is the third year it has been established. For such a significant shift in the architecture of school improvement to take place, the hard work and commitment of school leaders and practitioners has been critical. As the CSWC continues to develop under the guidance of the Strategy Group it is evident that schools want to work together. A wealth of research points to teacher collaboration as an effective mechanism to support school improvement and therefore improve outcomes for learners. It is through the CSWC that Central South aims to provide schools with the means to work together and support their collaboration.

The CSWC provides opportunities for teachers and school leaders to work together in a meaningful way in order to impact on teaching and learning. Our new booklet sets out the four key areas of the CSWC and provides key contacts for each. We are always keen to support schools to access this work and welcome enquiries from all schools.

For more information please contact:

Louise Muteham, Central South Wales Challenge Development Officer,


Kim Eley, Central South Wales Challenge Project Manager,

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Louise Muteham

Central South Wales Challenge Development Officer at Central South Consortium
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