CSC Governor Training – A Successful Autumn Term

As of the Autumn Term the Central South Consortium has been given the responsibility of delivering mandatory training for governors throughout the region, as well as courses on Performance Management, Self Improving School Systems and our termly Briefing Sessions.

We have delivered 24 training courses this term with over 250 governors attending from across the region. At the end of each session they were provided with the opportunity to give feedback on a number of aspects of the training and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive:


Quotes from participants across various courses:

  • “A very good course with important points that will help improve my knowledge”
  • “I enjoyed the course; it gave good insight into understanding target setting & analysing results”
  • “The thorough knowledge of the provider on the subject was impressive.”
  • “An excellent overview of what Governing Bodies need to be aware of and how they can become more involved in Self Improving Systems”
  • “The course facilitator was very friendly and able to answer all questions”
  • “Being able to discuss our own situations with other Governors was very helpful”

The Central South Consortium recognises the importance of governors and the key role that they play in supporting and challenging their schools. We are committed to delivering quality provision for all governors across the region, working in partnership with each local authority’s Governor Support Team to ensure that every governor has the support & resources needed to meet head on the challenges and opportunities facing our schools.

For more information, or to book onto any of the training courses being provided by the CSC, please contact our Governor Development Team at or download our Training Booklet for Spring/Summer term 2017 here.

Tim Fawell

Tim Fawell

Govenor Development Officer at Central South Consortium
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