Positive Progress For Cardiff Primary Schools

The past year has seen a great deal of positive change in Cardiff. The partnership between the Directorate and primary schools has become stronger and improvements were recognised during the Estyn revisit. Through collaboration and an improved focus on collective responsibility, we are raising aspirations for all. I am confident that our new Assistant Director for Education, Jackie Turner, will be warmly welcomed by all and help us to continue our relentless focus on making the difference in Cardiff.

The Education Development Board, Education Strategy Group and other focus groups have helped Cardiff design and launch Cardiff 2020 which is based on five key goals:  

  • Excellent outcomes for all learners
  • A high quality workforce
  • 21st Century learning environments
  • A self-improving school system
  • Schools and Cardiff in partnership

The launch was successful and represented a full commitment from primary schools to deliver these aspirational aims. Indeed, recent inspection reports from primary schools in Cardiff reflect these goals with praise for a variety of excellent practice seen and excellent prospects for the future. Provisional results from the summer also build on the positive ethos within the Local Authority. At both FPI and CSI Cardiff is above the national average. The gap is also reducing between eFSM children and their peers, although we accept that there needs to be further development in this area. We will also celebrate the opening of new primary schools and extended primary schools to meet the demands of the increasing population in Cardiff. These projects will show that 21st century learning environments are delivered and endorse our Cardiff 2020 goals.

As Chair of the Primary Conference for Cardiff, I am pleased to report that there has been a renewed energy that has engaged newer and more experienced leaders to participate in forums. Through our self-improving school system and collective approach to enacting positive change we will see excellent outcomes for learners become the reality for all. Further collaboration is beginning to help shape ALN provision in Cardiff and I am confident that through our honest and proactive desire to work in Partnership, we will see a positive result for these learners.

I urge colleagues to maintain the current positive ethos and work alongside our Cabinet members and Directorate to help shape the capital city that we want and improve the future prospects of our learners.

Nic Naish

Nic Naish

Headteacher at Greenway Primary School
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