Achieving Excellence Together: Consultant Governors

In the last newsletter we briefly reported on the appointment of 11 Consultant Governors. Here we share some further detail of what the role involves.

Over the coming years the Consortium wants to create the conditions that enable schools’ leaders and governors to play a vital part in driving improvement. Sector-led peer support will play a crucial role in building capacity in the system as a whole to improve. This will involve significant cultural change in all parts of the system in order to develop the capacity, confidence and behaviours to lead improvement. System leadership including excellent governance is central to the vision of a system that has the capacity to be self-improving.

School-to-school support will include:

  • Recognising the reciprocal benefits that come from peer support, working and learning from each other
  • School governors and practitioners working with other leaders, governors and practitioners within and beyond their own organisations to share effective practice
  • A commitment to securing improvement and to demonstrating a positive impact
The recruitment of a cadre of consultant governors represents a further step in the Consortium’s ability to help those schools where the current capacity for self-improvement requires enhanced support and the deployment of skills and experience to support other governing bodies and schools. Those appointed are all serving governors who have more than six years’ experience and have demonstrated evidence of a successful track record in securing improvement.

Consultant governors work outside their own school, and normally beyond their immediate local authority to provide support to other governors and governing bodies. At all times, the intention is to enable the school receiving support to reach a position where it is has the capacity to be self-improving.

Consultant governors work alongside the Consortium’s challenge advisers attached to individual schools. Typically consultant governors will work with schools where the need for supportive governance has been identified as requiring urgent or significant support.

Typical activities undertaken include agreeing priorities for improvement and the necessary strategies, providing coaching and mentoring support to develop the strategic role of the governing body and supporting the governing body to evaluate the effectiveness of its policies and procedures.

The extent of the consultant governor’s involvement is planned to respond to the needs identified in an individual school.

Collectively with our schools, we are determined that all children and young people, in every school, will experience the best possible conditions in which to realise their potential and that we close the gap between the most disadvantaged pupils and their peers. These appointments seek to support this aspiration.
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Jeff Fish

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